A prep school in Morristown, being the gayest school in NJ, attended by the gayest people in NJ who drive their daddys' beamer to school everyday thinking they're cool, but they're not because they're gay.
Those Delbarton boys sure like having c0cks in their asses.
by Steve Carlisi October 30, 2006
Top Definition
Delbarton is a high school located in Morristown, NJ. There are about 10 sister schools who all show up to every dance and party at Delbarton.

Delbarton is so awesome, there are 5 other Urbandictionary definitions describing it, all written by kids who go to Seton Hall.

Supposedly Delbarton is also called Delbendover, because the students are all homosexual.

Delbarton is the best at hockey and lacrosse and football and basketball and tennis and squash and golf and track & field.
"Do you go to Delbarton?"

by Ullmenkhel April 12, 2010
Private school in Morris Twp, NJ which is known for being possibly the easiest school in NJ. Delbarton is known for its ridiculous amount of free periods and M-block. Known for ending classes for seniors as soon as it hits 60 degrees. Often made fun of from people from Seton Hall Prep who are upset because they were rejected from the school. Always beat Seton Hall at sport despite the amount of steroids at Seton Hall. Only drawback is being located near villa walsh academy
Delbarton is the best high school ever
by SHP blows May 03, 2008
The school that boasts its lacrosse program to the maximum, yet has lost to Summit for the past 3 years. Sucks.
Person to Delbarton lacrosse player: Who'd you guys lose to this year?

Delbarton kid: Only Summit.
by summit12345 June 26, 2011
An all boys school that strongly promotes sexual equality due to the amount of gay students in the school. It also happens to be home to a large amount of spoiled rich kids that believe that they are entitled to everything because there mommys and daddys have money.
Kid 1- "How do you fit four delbarton kids on a stool?"
Kid 2- "Not sure. How?
Kid 1- "Simple, flip it upside down!"
by Dean Gomes October 19, 2008
A community, of totally arrogant, self-interested ass hole pricks, who would like nothing more then to suck a teachers/coaches/preists dick to make a team/grade. 85 percent of the kids are huge tools, who if they didn't go to this school with so many people with so much in common would have no freinds. I should know, I went here for a year,
Hey I go too delbarton and I would have 0 freinds at the public school in my town, but since I go to delbarton where most of the kids are cocky arrogant ass holes I have lots of freinds
by SuukMElongshlong December 07, 2010
a school for faggots, posers, and assholes. the biggest faggots drive blue durangos, orange challengers, and black mustangs.
do you go to delbarton?
what do you drive?
a bmw.
oh good, youre not a little fuck.
by imnotacheater May 09, 2011
School for gay asses who have nothing better to do than ass rape each other
Boy #1 you go to delbarton right

Boy #2 no i left after some guy tried to give me a blowjob in the hall way
by amanda z March 30, 2007

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