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A school with a relatively mediocre academic reputation, mediocre athletic programs, and mediocre.. well, everything. This school draws from five school districts in butt fuck nowhere, NJ where all of the girls either have tanning beds installed in their basements or waste approximately 4/5 of their part time job money on fake tanning, the guys either wrestle or highly endorse John Deere, and everyone else is basically boring- with the exception of a few.

Del Val has an addiction to not prepping students for life after high school. It's great. Counselors don't really give a shit about 90% of the students (which is about.. 90 students), the school has cut funding for everything, and ever since our gay ex-principal left, it's just been downhill.
Woo hoo Del Val.
by fat kids eat cake January 10, 2011
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A lame school were 50% of the student body smoke or do drugs. A school were alot of the hot girls are sluts and have also probally have lost there virginity. And were most of the guys are druggies. But there is a gentle and bright colorful side of our school, for instence the princible is gay. Litterally. But there is an advantage to side that for instence this school is bright and decorated because of this. But there is a really bad side to del val its obsession with wrestling. The fact that this school is obsessed with 2 guys grabbing each other on the floor with there nuts in eaach others face is quite nasty. So i hope this helps you remember del val and help you picture what it is.
Drugies, sluts, Princible not straight del val
by fghfhgdhgfdhg September 13, 2006
Delaware Valley Regionizzle High School be a regional, four-year hood high school n' school district, dat serves hustlas up in westside Hustladon County.
"Del Val" done been notified by tha State Popo dat yesterdizzle a hustla was caught at it afta admittin freestylin a funky-ass bomb threat at Delaware Valley Regionizzle High School ...
by Ezio_Shepard May 28, 2013

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