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Shy and sweet. Deion is as faithful it comes when in a relationship. He will do anything to make the one he loves happy. he's truly a one of a kind, a bit weird at times but that's whats great. He can always make you laugh. Deion is also pretty tall, and overall a great guy.
person: Wow I wish Deion was my boyfriend! Look at how sweet he is to her!
by volleyball98 January 06, 2013
Refers to the color of young dro's car in reference to Deion Sanders who once was an Atlanta Falcon. Atlanta's official team colors are Red, Black, and White.
"red black and white chevy, now i'm ridin' Deion"
by Knuschit September 28, 2006
refers to legendary NFL cornerback Deion Sanders who wore number 21, hence 21 inch rims
Hardly carat, have em froze for a eon/Red, black, n white chevy, now im ridin Deion
(Young Dro "Shoulder Lean")
by pimpboy07 May 09, 2006

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