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Deins is a Filipino slang word coming from the Filipino phrase "hindi naman". English equivalents would be "hell no" or "no way" although these are only equivalent in the sentiment of use and not the literal translation as there is no specific English translation for "naman".

Dein (without the s) is also used in the same context.

It is believed to have originated in the South of Metro Manila, specifically the Alabang region, but is coming into wide usage all over Metro Manila.
Karla: Did you make out with that guy last night?
Bea: Deins, girl. He was hella fugly!
by thebeatkid April 19, 2009
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A socially awkward male, usually in his teens. His strange behaviour is often accompanied by regular twitches and friskyness towards the female variety.
"oi, that guys constantly twiching and he's totes being odd?"

"nah man, that's just dein..."

*awkward silence*
by ihaveaggressivediorrhea December 10, 2010
Scottish way of saying doing
"fit you dein?"
--what you doing?--
by *Brodi* August 02, 2004
the end of my dick, bitch.
You need to stop with all that jibba-jabba and start talking to dein.
by warpd March 03, 2004

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