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comes from "deine mutter" and means "your mother" in german. used as an insult, often used by kids who play counterstrike and get pissed when losing. german pendant to yuh mudda
player 1: "haha headshot du n00b kiddie"
player 2: "deine mudda du huso"

"deine mudda arbeitet auf nem fischkutter als geruch" which means "your mother works as odor on a fishing trawler"
by 4bdulf4r4d November 04, 2006
Means "Yo Mama".
"Deine Mudda ist so fett, dass ihre Badewanne ein anerkanntes Meer ist." - "Yo Mama is so fat, that her bathtube is an accepted ocean."
by doctor syntax March 01, 2016
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