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Oh definitly, for sure
"Do you like Louisa?"
by sarah kolbah November 15, 2003
a shortening of definitely for use when responding in agreement enthusiastically and for sake of not using the enitire word. Works wonderfully avec FAB.
Scoop: LOOP day 2moro??
Lou: o DEFO that will be FAB!
by Louise Burton (aka LO of loop) April 07, 2005
1. Without any doubt, to be totally sure about something, or completely confident about it.

2. Complete clarity, with no mistake.
Court: Defo
Alex: Eh?
Court: My version of definitely

Alex: So did you wanna go and watch the show court?
Court: DEFO!
by Alex Pipe & Courtney July 08, 2004
alternate version of most definitely or mosdef.
Q: You coming out tonight?

A: Defos
by Retoot9576 January 20, 2011
defo = deformed
'Defo' can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used jokingly, in moments of indignation, and even in a casual setting.
1. Ew did you see that deer? It's so defo...
2. Come on Jill, let's hang out! Don't be defo
3. I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying A-Yo I'm a defo!
by WhatYou'veEarnedHereTonight March 06, 2011
1."defo" is a slang term used for Deforest which is a small village just north of Madison,Wisconsin. Mainly used by people from Deforest or someone else in the area in reference to Deforest. area where alcoholics and drug addicts are from
Ah, no shit man, you're from defo? What year did you graduate?

That guy is super faded, he must be from defo!

Damn Bryan you're fucked up like defo stats son!
by stuba587 April 14, 2010
A bunch of white kids trying to be ghetto while eating donuts and doing calculus homework outside of Casey's in the either extremely frigid or unbearably muggy air, about 15 miles from Madison, WI.
Teenage DeFo resident:"DeFo fo sho!"

Non-DeFo resident: "Uh, no."
by Juliferie January 19, 2007

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