an act of owning some one so hard that there face either falls off,gets ripped off,shot off,or any word that you can comply of adding the word 'off' to the end of it.
Ira- Haha that wouldnt be the first time
Ekoorb- Im getting sick of these jokes ok real sick of them
Beau(from back of class)- DEFACED!
by Beau Butts December 14, 2007
Top Definition
Being removed as a Facebook friend.
1. After I broke up with her she defaced me. Can you believe that bitch?

by mtwiz February 03, 2009
The act in which a domain or site's home page directory contents have been removed and replaced with something else that wasn't intentional by the owner or sysop of the site. This is known as being defaced (hacked), and can be done by finding vulnerabilities on the server (IIS) which hosts the site/domain. You can view a list of defaced sites by visiting the following link
I will deface your site. has been defaced once again.
by 3nc0d3r March 04, 2005
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