to be muscular in build and have all the ladies want a pieceof your dick
I get a lotta ass cuz ima deezed mofo.
by Jack Daniels March 13, 2004
Top Definition
1.To have huge muscles on various parts of the body.

2.To try to intimidate someone or preparing to engage in physical combat with someone.
1.I've been going to the gym,and I'm starting to get deezed

2.This poser started talking shit about me in the club yesterday so I got deezed on him,after he went outside.
by Mr.Ravioli April 09, 2006
A person who is unnaturally and/or unnecessarily muscular. This word can also be used to describe other attributes.
Mac Collins is deezed.

How deezed is Zaid?
by bonez4dayz June 28, 2011
Feeling really tired or sleepy
Guy 1: Dude, you look so Deezed right now
Guy 2: Yea man, didn't get enough sleep
by Big_Z March 26, 2011
To be dressed up for a formal occasion, often used among friends as a casual compliment on their choice of clothing
Chate': hey man did you see Big Z at the ceremony on saturday?

Vickhead: yeah bro, the dude looked so deezed with that slick shirt and black tie
by Chate' April 14, 2011
The state of being wasted on heroin, to the point of constantly nodding out.
Damn that nigga is deezed it took him an hour and a half to roll that joint.
by Dr. Diesel December 22, 2008
To be extremely drunk and high at the same time. In your messed up zone.Acting a fool while sometimes prolonging the E sound the more messed up you are.
Damn dude, im deezed
Im to deezed
by yodi311 November 11, 2008
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