Used to make someone feel stupid for actually falling into the trap of this joke
"Hey, do you want some tape and CD's?"
"What am I gonna do with that?"
"You can tape my dick to your forehead so you can See Deez Nuts!!!"
by Daonocto January 08, 2008
A joke, often in pun form, wherein a question will contain the sound "Deez" (these). The desired result is to get the victim to answer the question, allowing you to follow up with "Deez nuts!" Sometimes "in yo face!" is added at the end. The joke isn't funny in its' self, but it is when you can trick the same person multiple times.
"Have you ever seen deez?"
"These what?"
"Deez nuts!"

"Did you get the CDs?"
"What CDs?"
"See deez nuts in yo face!"
by GabbyW September 27, 2006
A pair of words you use to fuck with anybody who actually wants to know what came in the mail.
You: Something came in the mail today.
Friend: What?
You: Deez Nuts!^&*%^$#@%^$&% Ha GOTEEEEEEEEM
by GotEemWithDeezNuts April 15, 2015
1. To punk out a friend (or fellow military buddy)
2. To grab one's "package" to emphasize a point
Person A: Have you talked to Sergeant Botha?
Person B: Sergeant Botha?
Person A: Botha deez nuts in your mouth, biatch!

Person A: Where is Captain Dees?
Person B: Captain Dees?
Person A: Deez nuts in your mouth!

Person A: Have you seen Phillip?
Person B: Phillip who?
Person A: Phillip on deez nuts!
by The Grizzle November 22, 2006
exchange student
Person 1: Yo you see tha hot new exchange student?
Person 2: Nah what's her name?
Person 1: Feelon
Person 2: Feelon what?
by Smith Dogg October 19, 2003
Childish, but funny prank, made hilarious when you can get some gullible person to fall for it.
Person 1: Hey, you know Dee?
Person 2: Dee who?
by Brandon December 01, 2003
joke played on a friend. dont forget the ever popular use listed below.
#1-hey ronnie, would you like two CDs? (but what you REALLY mean is "to see deez")
#2-sure, which ones?
by stinky nuts May 10, 2003
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