The act of gathering in a public restroom for a synchronized act of mutual masturbation. Usually done in the formation of a circle, this term was popularized by students of Lacey High School in Lacey, New Jersey. The term was later used to describe something being profoundly awesome, however still reminding the speakers of the word that they once had a circle-jerking past.
"I remember that time you said something was 'Deest', then I reminded you of that circle-jerk in the bathroom"
by AugustusGraffus February 23, 2011
Top Definition
Originally used to describe a certain thing as extremely good or awesome. The word was later rumored to mean "A synchronized act of mutual masturbation" but was deemed false.
"You hooked up with her last night? Deest"
by ijasdoqpqveve June 01, 2013
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