A not-so-akward name for male/female genitals
{Punches in genital area}
-OW! I think you bruised my deedle!
#genitals #penis #vagina #baby-maker #dingdong #cash and prizes #wooha #wingwang #cooch #thingy
by babymanatee April 16, 2009
someone who is gay, a fag.
"Man that kid is so deedles"


"Deedles is gay"
by d3fromthecuntlesscrew1989 March 29, 2005
another name for an asshole,dick or mean teacher;often use when you can't swear
Cody: dude that guy was a deedle

Ross: I know I wonder who hired that teacher
#ass #asshole #bad teacher #dick #dickhead
by TonyLex August 04, 2009
When a male is finished urinating, he must deedle. To deedle is to ONLY shake, tap penis no more then two times to ensure all urine is off the penis.
You must deedle when you finish urinating so no drips will run down your leg
#shake #elemate #tap #twitch #squeeze
by -C July 07, 2006
1. to steele something.
2. to masturbate ones self.
3. to make a noise when leaving a store w/ stolen item.
1. Dont pay for that, I can deedle it.
2. I just deedled myself.
3. That pair of shoes deedled when we left.
#deedler #deedleing #deedled #deeidle #dedul
by danno-kateho December 30, 2005
Eedle is deedle's brother. They almost are never separated.
Eedle deedle, eedle deedle.
by Helen February 13, 2005
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