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A smooth playa who keeps it real
It's time for you to stop getting played. It's time to Dee-Up.
by D$ December 31, 2004
is a mermaid in the sea, and a female upon the dry land. She is crazy about arts, loves music and likes to write poems. She spells her charm over words she posted on her blog. She has a great smile.
dee mysterious mermaid writes a mystical poem over the dry land
by floridian mermaid November 06, 2007
A wicked hot slut. She's so slutty it's almost become a superpower. She is beautiful and everyone wants to be like her. She is the defintion of the perfect whore <3
Dee likes the penis.
by yourfriend:-* April 29, 2005
a Thai word for "good"
dee mark = very good
dee mark mark = very very good
koad dee = very very good
dee koad koad = very very good
dee teesood = best (teesood = most)
by kkrit ilovewasa November 12, 2006
An onomatopoeia of smiling with teeth showing. For added effect, one can say "Dee" as they start smiling.
I'm so happy that I'm smiling with glee. "Dee"
by Zott May 01, 2006
Pronoun used in place of "these"
Dees nuts in ma' mouf.
by Jenny A. June 11, 2003
d's nuts is pronounced as deez nutz
ddeez nutz need lickin, biatch
by d and these r my nutz in ya mouf September 25, 2003
Another slang word for marijuana. Originated in 1991 at Arizona State University. Dees (drugs) is a perfect way to hide your agenda, "smoking pot"
Hey foo', you got any "dees"? Wanna take a shack of some "dees"?
by Da Skrill June 23, 2006
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