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Declan is the name for a completely retarded piece of shit, if you are untfortunate to have someone like this in your life, you should murder them.
Guy 1: Hey, look at that retarded guy!
Guy 2: I bet it's name is Declan.
by 7368294920048190 February 23, 2014
4 16
a pretty okay kinda chap
well, hes a bit of a declan then.
by Coolest kids ever May 13, 2008
170 196
to lose the GAME.
Bobby- "Hey, guess what?.... Declan"
Joe- "Dang! I lost the game."
by goodreads January 23, 2010
70 116
a person with red/strawberry blond hair.another word for declan is ginger
person1: Hey look at that redhead
person2: oh you mean that declan?
person1: Yea
by im no declan January 08, 2011
51 106
Irish man attempting to emulate culture often assoiciated with lack people
'look at dem jeanting, tinks he's black pussyboy declan'
by Arygo October 09, 2007
40 133
a boy who goes out with a girl called sinead.
can i bite your ear declan
by tom short November 02, 2003
41 142
When shit in someone's rectum. Picture a french kiss, except instead of mouths it's asses, and instead of tongues its shit.
Damn, I just gave that bitch a Declan and I think I tore her a bit.

I just beat Timmy in a battle of the Declans and now he's all clogged up.
by pranksterdude540 February 11, 2009
40 145