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-To manipulate or hurt for personal gain. To crush one's spirit in order to feel joy in anothers misery. The act of complete selfishness at the expense of someone else.
Yo, that bitch was decivious!

Jane told Roy to pick her up at her house for their date at seven thirty. When Roy arrived at seven twenty Jane was with Ted and left to go on a date with Ted. Roy told his friends later that Jane was a decivious bitch!
by Andrewster05 February 13, 2008
Pronounced dee-sea-vee-us Somebody who is sneaky, to do things that appears to be something that is not true. The words devious and mischivious combined.
Someone who is sneaky who puts blame on someone else to make themself look good and lies.. Decivious
by ME4EVER June 18, 2008
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