sexy attractive girl;tall;sporty;hot;desirable
OMG that girl is such a debbie!
by luvesNy May 19, 2008
Top Definition
A friend till the end, she's got your back no matter what. A constant source of intense laughter. Speaker of the greatest smart-ass comments ever heard. An extremely beautiful person on the outside. Has an even more impressive inner beauty (if you are open-minded enough to look) Has more strength than all previous heavy-weight champions combined.
Gosh, I could sure use a Debbie on my side right now!

I was rolling on the floor from that Debbie.

Dr. Smith, for my surgery, I'd like you to make me look like a Debbie.
by chrissyp313 February 04, 2010
Watchout! this one's a pornstar in the sack...she always leaves ya wanting more.
Yo, last night I had a debbie...think I'm gonna hit that again today!
by djboitoy February 03, 2010
the most beautiful girl in the world, with the sweetest heart and the most violent love... she's wounderful
debbie loves jenifer
by jenifer garcia April 28, 2010
an extremely beautiful girl with amazing basketball and rugby skills. a girl who is not afraid to be herself and be fun.
debbie is the type of girl i want to be.
by hookins August 03, 2007
a white girl that has a "ghetto booty" possibly from eating alot of little debbies

girl: did you see Beth's ass?
girl2: yeah man she is a debbie
by Andee K. November 08, 2007
debbie, a conniving sinister creature that has an abnormal love of money.
Guy 1: "I started dating debbie bro"
Guy 2: "NO BRO"
Guy1: "Why shouldn't I date Her?"
Guy2: "Debbie's have an abnormal love of money bro, kiss your bank balance goodbye"
by NotThatFoolAgain January 11, 2015
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