A generic fat white girl. Usually with a very low self esteem.
dude1:"Dude look at those debbies on that weight loss commercial"

dude2:"hahaha there so fat...but somehow sexy...."
by Ingaenglish February 11, 2010
The commander of milk. One who, in fact, will stop at nothing to get her way. The milk she requests is needed at all costs.
Debbie: "GET THE MILK!"
Subject: "NO!" "Subject 2 go get it!"
Subject 2: "Fine..."
by D Slake April 17, 2007
shortened from the recurring Saturday Night Live skit, Debbie Downer, a "debbie" is a person who consistently makes negative and cynical comments. She brings everyone down with every comment. On the skit, her conversations killers were always followed by the classic "waaan waaan."
John: Let's go to the carnival!
Jane: I heard more people die on carnival rides than any other cause of death in the US.
John: Thanks for being such a debbie.
by kgots127 August 12, 2007
A modern expression for a marijuana ciggarrette. More commonly used by men, especially in rock n roll.
Who wants to kiss the last of this debbie goodbye?
by Kusu March 11, 2009
Another word for the arabic smoking tobacco dokha, also known as douche. Smoked through a pipe, it gives a quick 2 minute headrush, or buzz. Derived from DB, meaning Douche n Booze, DB became Debbie.
"Wanna do Debbie?"
"Pass me the Debbie"
"Lets go do Debbie outside"
by Jon06 February 10, 2006
When someone is bringing you down, getting on your nerves with their negativity, being an all round annoyance due to their lack of enjoyment of life.
Also can be said as "Deb" "Debster" or "The Deb"
God why is she being such a Debbie?
Last night she was such a Deb.
SHe said she was going to drive us last night but then the Debster came out to play and we had to take a taxi
The Deb made an apperance last night, what a bummer.
by GreekLovers March 25, 2009
When in a argument and dont know what to say, "a chinese. brace face. fucking. wanker."
OMG you are such a debbie :@ !!!
by kayla danielle March 24, 2008

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