A grumpy woman that needs sex.
Wow, Debbie needs help!
by vthebee December 12, 2010
A woman who smokes 200 fags a day so her voice is really deep and you can hear her laugh from miles away. She only eats economy burgers.
Hey did you see Debbie yesterday?" "No but I heard her from the other side of town.
by Poppycat April 19, 2011
A generic fat white girl. Usually with a very low self esteem.
dude1:"Dude look at those debbies on that weight loss commercial"

dude2:"hahaha there so fat...but somehow sexy...."
by Ingaenglish February 11, 2010
shortened from the recurring Saturday Night Live skit, Debbie Downer, a "debbie" is a person who consistently makes negative and cynical comments. She brings everyone down with every comment. On the skit, her conversations killers were always followed by the classic "waaan waaan."
John: Let's go to the carnival!
Jane: I heard more people die on carnival rides than any other cause of death in the US.
John: Thanks for being such a debbie.
by kgots127 August 12, 2007
The commander of milk. One who, in fact, will stop at nothing to get her way. The milk she requests is needed at all costs.
Debbie: "GET THE MILK!"
Subject: "NO!" "Subject 2 go get it!"
Subject 2: "Fine..."
by D Slake April 17, 2007
Another word for the arabic smoking tobacco dokha, also known as douche. Smoked through a pipe, it gives a quick 2 minute headrush, or buzz. Derived from DB, meaning Douche n Booze, DB became Debbie.
"Wanna do Debbie?"
"Pass me the Debbie"
"Lets go do Debbie outside"
by Jon06 February 10, 2006
A modern expression for a marijuana ciggarrette. More commonly used by men, especially in rock n roll.
Who wants to kiss the last of this debbie goodbye?
by Kusu March 11, 2009

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