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Deathstep is the new upcoming genre of music that fuses the fierce intensity of death metal / deathcore with the pulsing beats of techno / dubstep.
Commissioner, Abdukted, and Singaya are good examples of upcoming deathstep acts.
by MIsterbo November 25, 2010
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A music genre based upon deathcore/death metal remixed dubstep style. 100% win.
Johnny didn't know whether to headbang or dance like he was pingin while rockin out to deathstep.
by Beacham July 18, 2010
Deathstep is a subgenre of dubstep. Listening to deathstep makes you want to kill someone and gives you the required energy to do it.
-Hey what happened to your mom, why is she in the hospital?
-Ya I just discovered this really cool deathstep tune, couldn't help myself
by Handofthedevil December 10, 2010
A musical sub genre of Dubstep/Brostep, at the moment there are 2 styles of the genre. One that consists of machine gun basses/heavy bass breakdowns that are meant to mimic the sound of chugging guitars, and another that combines heavy Dubstep with Death Metal.
KRAM - Swagfags and Hipsters

MOTH and 187 Deathstep - Shotgun Ammunition
by Darkore December 28, 2013

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