An extremley popular manga from here in Japan, has been made into an anime, and 2 movies.
Ahhh its so good, If you like manga and anime, you should DEFFINATLY get into this one.
The actual death note is a notebook made for the Shinigami (death gods) to shorten peoples lifespan, but its possible for a human to get their hands one one.
They are fictional, but i wish they were real,
it would be damn sexy.
Light is one of the main characters, he's extremley smart its almost inhuman.

shanda: Im so bored danika, get off the computer.
danika: Haha no, lets watch death note. ep 27 is out now. ;)
shanda: omg thats sexy
danika: ahahaha, Light's so amazing.
shanda: I agree completley, but i miss L.
danika: Of course, but Kira's gotta do, what Kira's gotta do.
by danika & shanda April 28, 2007
A manga (Japanese comic book) In which a young school boy finds a book called a Deathnote. If he writes someones name in the Deathnote they will die.
1. Have you read the latest chapter of Deathnote?

2. I'm going to kill him by writing his name in the Deathnote
by Tommy Kerr August 14, 2005
The best fuckin anime ever
Jordan: Hey did you watch deathnote
Pat: What's deathnote
Jordan:You got to be kidding me it's the best anime ever
by Jordan Fuller March 17, 2008
Death Note is A fantabulous manga series about Light Yagami, a seventeen year old high school student in Japan. He finds a death note, dropped by Ryuk the shinigami, and proceeds to use it to rid the world of evil.
The way a death note works is that you write a name down in it and...they die. You have to know their name and face. If you don't specify a cause and a time, they'll die in 30 seconds of a heart attack. Light kills off the world's nastiest, most wanted criminals, thinking he's doing good.
However, his plans may be foiled by the mysterious "L", who works together with the police and the FBI to track down "Kira", the name that people all over the world use to refer to him.

This awesome series is also an anime, and is a movie in Japan. It will soon be a movie in America as well, starring...**gag**...Zac Efron.
L: Not on my watch, jerk!
Ryuk: Heh. Heh. Humans are fun...
Near: TOYS!~
by iwant4piez June 07, 2009
Almost certainly the best animé ever conceived and produced.

Seeing is believing.
The Death Note changed Yagami Light from a brilliant high school student to a complete psychopath.
by SixthKira August 15, 2010
What I will kill you with. :D
*writes my name in the Death Note* This is the best way to kill yourse--ack! *dies*
by Light.Yagami September 02, 2009
1) The anime / manga serise death note is amazing. A Bored 17 year old named Light Yagami (or Yagami Raito) Picks up a Death Note droped by an equaly bored shinigami named Ryuk. If you write a name in the death note while thinking about a persons face they die. Light tests this out and discovers it is true. He decideds to rid the world of evil by killing criminals, he intends to become the "God of the new world!" Lights father is a Police officer working with L to try to catch Kira (which is what there calling the person killing all the criminals). THe anime/manga turns into a complicated cat and mouse game between L and light, if L can prove Light is Kira, he will be executed, if light can find out Ls real name he can kill him with the death note.

2) Death note is The name of the "wepon" in Death note. it is literaly a notebook of death. anyone whos name is written in the note book dies.
3) Death note has been made into 2 movies in japan and there is also a sequel to it called L change the world. There is a possibilty that the americans are making Death note into a movie.
4)There is a lot of Death note fanfictions the majoirty of which are Yaoi usualy between L and Light, Mello and Matt, Mello and Near, Mello and L, Ryuk and Light. L and Light seems to be the most popular. There are many places in which you will find yaoi death note stories/pictures. google images,, Deviant art, there are even role plays on facebook.
1)"I Will take a potato chip AND EAT IT" (everybodys favorite quote
2)One of the rules in the death note "who evers name is written in the death note shall die"
3) 1) Death note. 2) Death note the last name and L change the world.

4)""You'd have to torture it out of me," Light teased, rolling onto his side, away from L.
"If your father ever realised how much I enjoyed watching you, Light, he would have skinned me alive," L mused. He reached over me to put the can on the bedside table, and settled down until he was lying beside me. "Tell me, Light...what if I told your father the truth about you? The little charade you played, to let him think you were straight?"
by Mossy (LXLight fangirl) January 03, 2012

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