The #1 favorite Anime/Manga of every emo person that exists.
Emo Kid #1: "Hey man, wanna watch some anime?"

Emo Kid #2: "Nah, I've already seen all of Death Note."
by wolf4537 December 29, 2010
A notebook, that is used to kill people. Only a few posses them. Current owners as of now are: Light Yagami, who is basically a nerd that somehow excels at sports and gets all the ladies, Misa Amane, a stupid star that wants to get some from Light, Mikami Teru, a nerd that got beat up in school and now wants revenge.
Mikami used the death note to kill Hilary Duff, who rejected Mikami when he asked her out
by LagunaBolt June 08, 2007
1. Death Note is a Japanese manga series and later adapted to an anime series after notable popularity. The story and plot centers around an emo but brilliant kid known as Light Yagami who is a coward but wanted to be god. He got his chance when he found a supernatural note book on his way back home. This supernatural note book belongs to the shinigami (death god) known as Ryuk and with the book he can kill people by writing their name in the Death Note as long as he knows their name and face. Light starts to kill criminals in the name of justice making it as his responsibility as a good to judge and purge criminals in order to give birth to an utopia, a world without crime and a world that emos can grow happy. He turned into an osama and upgraded himself from emo to sadistic emo. After much fine and fun killing Light was then pursued by a half man, half monkey, sweet obsessed but awesome detective known as L who was shocked, interested then jealous of his great ability and wanted to catch and punish Light in the name of justice too! He actually wanted the book you can see it in his cartoon eyes! Light realizes that L will be his greatest nemesis, and a race to prove mental superiority between the two begins since both can't do any kick-ass fighting moves or any bad-ass special techniques. Mental is all they got to sell in this story! The plot becomes more brutal and thrilling as the sadistic emo Light and the sweet loving monkey L risk their worthless life to catch each other.

The best part: Light tricks Rem another shinagami to kill L and his poor butler and succeeded and Light wins, L dies. In the end it doesn't even matter though as Light was killed by... Ryuk the owner of the Death Note! The death gods win! It was a fun plot all along for Ryuk's pure entertainment. You can see that coming alright! The story ends with the other surviving characters of the story feeling extremely stupid in the end (they wished they were dead) and the death gods feeling bored again and left without any apples.

2. Death Note is an anime that was banned in some schools in China because it was just too cool for the Chinese to handle. Some schools in Shenyang, China have banned the manga after some of their students started to tease friends and teachers by altering a notebook to resemble a Death Note and writing their names in them, which actually violates copyright laws and promotes piracy. The newspaper Shenyang Night Report called Death Note "poison, creating wicked hearts". Others however, including one major Chinese newspaper, felt that the ban is an overreaction and is inappropriate compared to Mao Zedong's act of burying forty-six thousand scholars alive, claiming that he did it for the lulz.

Beijing also has a ban on "horror stories" around schools to protect the already tarnished "physical and mental health" of retarded students, which includes local adaptations of Death Note. "If I can't, then these spoiled Chinese fucktards are one hundred years too early for Death Note!" a Cuban teacher said referring to his failure of creating a Death Note as a part of communist movement and reform.

It is said that Osama bin Laden was enlightened and drops down to his knees in tears when he finished the anime. He was depressed by the fact that his Allah didn't give him a Death Note but allowed those short and pervert Japanese to manhandle it.
At school...

Prefect: You two are late again! *starts scribbling*

Student A: Aw man... He is writing our names in the note book again dude... We are gonna get a detention for this...

Student B: We have been owned by the Death Note...
by Lapis Lazuli May 21, 2007
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