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A slighter more extreme, (but perhaps not so visually) version of a 'Metalhead'. Appearance and attitude do not really differ much from that of a normal 'Metalhead'. (However there are of course exceptions). The stereo-typical extremities that I have observed are usually; a more blunt/brash attitude towards things, wear clothing promoting heavier bands, tend to be more violently inclined and a lot more temperamental and of course, primarily listen to death metal. (Though not just that style, they do listen to other styles of music, no one listens to just one genre.)

On the contrary to dick behind the genius that is the only other definition, Death Metallers are not anti-social. Quite the opposite, many of them either spending their time with friends or families, or down the pub. They also attend concerts and festivals quite regularly which entails being in contact with thousands of other people.

In short, a Death Metaller is a slightly more violent and free willed version of a Metalhead. Visually almost identical to a metalhead, (the only way to tell the difference is if your into metal.)
"Fuck pussy's and posers and arseholes. Lets fill the van up with beer guys and lets head off to Death Fest cos' we're Death Metallers!"
by -Gore_Guts- December 28, 2011
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A term for a person who is an active listener of Death Metal. Usually Death Metal is the only genre they listen to and they condemn all other music. Usually Power Metal, Nu-Metal, Rap, and Emo. Most Death Metallers heard so much as 10 seconds of a song in each of those genres, or just hate them because another Death Metaller hates them.

Usually Death Metallers are anti-social. They believe that listening to Metal makes them superior to anyone who doesn't. They take music way too seriously, they never talk to anyone who likes music other than Death Metal. So usually they have few or no friends. So they talk on Metal forums such as the Ultimate Metal forum. Conversations on those forums are usually about Metal, how everything besides Metal sucks, and how everyone is an idiot for making fun of them for liking Death Metal. Death Metallers are usually assholes to you if you don't like Death Metal, if you talk to one about music other than Death Metal you will most likely get a "you're fucking retarded". It is hard to talk to a Death Metaller about anything other than music because thats all that they are interested in.

In short Death Metallers are usually narrow minded anti-social elitists.
Death Metallers are narrow minded anti-social elitists.
by joe725 December 22, 2007

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