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An overprocessed, prepackaged, mass produced commercial soft rock/pop act that calls itself "rock" or "metal" because they happen to be very slightly, marginally heavier than other, nearly identical overprocessed, prepackaged, mass produced commercial soft rock/pop acts such as N'Sync.
Linkin Park is to music as McDonald's is to food
by d3d March 15, 2006
A style of music whose listeners know and appreciate the level of skill and often "tight" musicianship, characterized by the ability to churn out complex 32nd and 64th note riffs with almost inhuman precision.

Also a style of music whose detractors refer to as "satanic" or "evil," despite the fact that the vast majority of them either have never actually heard any death metal.
Nobody can do death metal better than the Scandinavians
by d3d March 15, 2006
Someone who is better off than 99.9% of the world's population, yet is still conviced that his life sucks.
emo kid: Life sucks. There is nothing but pain. Etc...

Kid with real problems: I know. My Dad just lost his job, and now we have two weeks before we get deported back to (insert name of third world dictatorship here). I was really hoping we'd never have to go back there, since crime and warlords pretty much run the place and my whole family has bullet and knife wounds from all the times we were robbed when we lived there, not to mention the fact that there was almost never any food. Plus now when we get back we won't have any money or a house...

emo kid: leave me alone, I'm busy cutting myself
by d3d March 15, 2006
A genre of music that calls itself metal but isn't.
It supposedly "combines rap and rock," and does so simply by taking away all of the elements that make either genre the least bit interesting.
So-called rap metal should be restricted to children aged 12 and under
by d3d March 15, 2006
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