An instance where a character is subject to extreme danger foreshadowed with grim implications.
Examples of Death Flagging:

Unknowingly ticking off a unstable individual.

Wondering into a zone at the wrong time.

Taking on a dangerous deed with slim chances of success.

Short sighted approach to a ludicrous event.
by Meomix August 27, 2010
Top Definition
The point where a person's death becomes highly probable or unavoidable, due to something that he or she has just said or done. May also refer to the phrase or action itself.
Ways to make a death flag:
- achieve 999 straight victories
- teach your pupil everything you know
- propose to someone before going to war
- get seriously wounded and tell your mates you'll be "fine"
- invite a detective to your next family reunion on an island
- reassure a small child that no enemy has attacked your city in 100 years
- point out the glaring lack of giant parasitic wasp swarms in your current life

"Gee, you know, the only thing that could ruin this great wedding right now is a giant swarm of parasitic wasps."
by solcosine May 05, 2014
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