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The US Marine Corps (UMC) Black Hawk Helicopter, or the Middle-East Coalition (MEC) and Chinese transport helicopters,in the video game Battlefield 2. The Death Chopper is named such because of its weak armor, slow speed, and light and ineffective weapontry. Because of these qualities, Death Choppers are extremely vulnerable to enemy fire from both land and air-based enemies. Its status as a death-trap is further incrased by the fact that it frequently carries large numbers (up to 6) of players, providing a quick and easy way to obtain a large number of kills. Death choppers most frequently fall victim to enemy aircraft or air-defense turrets, although gunship helicopters, turret-mounted machine guns, and shoulder-lauched anti-tank weapons (noob toob) also claim thier fair share of Death Choppers.

Death Choppers are most vulnerable on the "Wake Island 2007" map, where they often provide the "best" way for noobs and newbies to either get off the USMC carrier (for the US team) or get onto it (Chinese team). Expect to get a full 6 kills if you shoot one down on this map during the beginning or middle of the game.
(death chopper with 6 people is in midflight from the carrier to the chinese south base)
Death Chopper Pilot: Oh shit, enemy aircraft!
(Noob on chopper minigun shoots at enemy plane, but misses)
PLane pilot: haha n00b! Death Chopper guns suck!
Death Chopper Pilot: Shit, we're fucked. Damn you plane whores!
(PLane shoots down Death Chopper giving the plane pilot 6 kills and adding 12 points to his already-high score)
PLane pilot: Haha! i pwn Death Chopper n00bs! all your base are belong to us!
by SheeAIDS June 05, 2006
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