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Fictitious name given to a person or object with intention to catch a dimwitted individual with a joke that everyone around will laugh at but the n00b will not understand.
Prankster: "Hey Gunther, have you met Deanda?"
Ignoramous: "Deanda who?"
Pranster: "Deanda my d**k"

Jack: "Hey sweetheart, what's your name?
Alexa: "Hihi, you now my name Jack, don't be silly."
Jack: "Well have you met my close friend Deanda?"
Alexa: "I know so many Deandas; Deanda who?"
Jack: "Deanda my d**k!"
by imhung_askyourwife November 26, 2010
The act of doing too much.

Founded in 2007 by Tony Aguebor
you're being so deanda right now.

this is so deanda

shes a deanda
by Tony Aguebor August 21, 2007
1. a person who does too much on a continual basis
2. derivation from actress Paula Deanda

delanda - someone who does too little
here are a few examples:

1. Let's say your walking down the street with one of your friends and out of nowhere some big guy gets in front of you; looks you in the eyes and starts walking backwards in front of you and doesn't say a word. He's doing too much and clearly he is a deanda.

2. Let's say some girl is hitting on yo man right in front of you and you tell the trick to get off and she won't. You have every right to either:

a) slap the hoe or
b) label the bitch as a deanda

Why? Cause she's doing way too much

3. Have you seen the new facebook? It's doing way too much with its new version and thus has been defined as a deanda.
by Tonayy Aguebor September 15, 2008