A “Deadfire” is a military word meaning the following:

Deadfiring is firing multiple missiles or other projectiles without having a lock on or aiming. If firing in Deadfire mode, you are usually aiming in the general area of the target and firing. Used in high stress situations, as well as a scare tactic.

So in other words you aim to basically to it and everything around it, with massive firepower.
OMG, I owned that Noob with a deadfire of missles
by DFR April 29, 2006
Top Definition

1. An attack usually done with a rocket launcher (however other weapons are not unheard of) without the aid of aiming or anything that may help to allow for a greater chance to hit the target. The target in this case is instead fired upon with more firepower then what would seem necessity. Seen in many multiplayer FPS games, where it is seen at least one person using this tactic. More commonly it is seen done by Rocket whores firing volleys of rockets in their general direction of their targets.

2. The username for a popular member and moderator for Gotwoot.net.

Verb (Deadfiring)

1. The act of doing a Deadfire

1. I'm going to try a Deadfire to kill that guy behind those boxes over there, with my rocket launcher

2. (In IRC)

<+Thi3f>: Deadfire, just leave already, nobody likes you
<darkshadow>: DF is cool
<%Deadfire>: Thi3f noone ever did
<%Deadfire>: and I hardly think they should
<%Deadfire>: I don't even like what I type
by Fansublover July 18, 2006
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