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A biological parent who has conceived (mother) or sired (father) a child but instead of stepping up to take care of and financially/emotionally support the little love they put themselves ahead of the needs of the child. This person will abandon his/her child at any time for any reason and then tell the world “my baby means the world to me..” This person tends not to have morals or a responsible enough nature to realize how difficult he/she is making life for his/her child and family. They do not understand there is a HUGE difference between being an actual great mother/father, and a biological mother/father. But of course the deadbeat is so self-centered and stuck up, he/she believes they are doing a wonderful job at being an awesome parent and also believe others should parent like them. This type of mother/father doesn’t stop to realize that the unconditional love of a child should come before anything or any one else and that one day the child will be old enough to understand and resent this parent!!!
"A mother whom would rather have her hair, nails and a wax job done than buy diapers, wipes and clothes for her child is a dead beat parent"

"A deadbeat parent would be a father whom supports his new girlfriends bad habits but chooses not to know or support the child he helped create, yet boasts to all that he is a great father"

"A deadbeat parent is one whom would rather party hardy with the state assistance they receive, while leaving there child(ren) with his/hers/there parents, while claiming to the world that they are great parents and miss there children a lot but yet still choose not to step up and be REAL parent(s)!"
by RealMothersPutKidsFirst;) December 06, 2013
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