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A man or woman who is more concerned about themselves and put their wants ahead of their children. They lie to their children in front of their friends to make their friends think they are good parents, but they never do what they brag to others about. They talk about people in their circle and judge them on the ways they parent while lying about being a parent themselves! They call their daughter right before every birthday to see what she wants and that they sent it in the mail, but it never comes and then they change their number so she can't ask where it was! They get high and party, cheat, use women for what they can never get on their own and they jump out of two story windows which shatters both ankles Just to get out of goin to jail for domestic violence....
A DeadBeat Poser could have any name such as...Dominick or Reena or Callier this looser lives a life full of lies, drugs, drinking, cheating, catching countless STDs, beats woman who he feels have too much power, gets fat due to his piggish greed, all while he has 8 woman that have 9 of his Basterd and illogitoment girls and 1 boy.
by ItDoesNotMatter April 19, 2011
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