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Dead pixels appear on LCD screens. Dead pixels are pixels that don't move and are usually black, red, or green.
LCD screens have dead pixels.
by kert September 16, 2005
Sometimes a LCD / TFT monitor will have one or more pixels that are not working. These will remain a certain color or be black or white, but won't display colors dinamically like the rest of the screen. There's nothing you can do about them yourself, but normally manufacturers will give you a refund.
The LCD screen has several dead pixels.
by Richard B. Riddick January 12, 2005
A pixel on an LCD screen that stays a single bright colour irrespective of the surrounding background. Can be at least partly toned out by stroking the relevant area of the screen.
There were a couple of dead pixels on my screen last night.
by Fearman November 04, 2007
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