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Deach: (dEch) n. 1. A rich jerk with a heart of gold 2. Santa Claus' Filipino cousin. v. -ed, -ing 1. To give ukuleles selflessly while maintaining an air of snarkiness.
OMG, I got deached!

c'mon, deach me please!

Who is Deach?
by HaileISela March 09, 2009
"Deach" can be used as a noun,adverb, and pronoun.Deach can mean anything, use your imagination.
I am so deached off...
Quit deachin out....
Do you deach me?
Go Deach yourself!
by David-Foodpimp May 28, 2008
When you're a "DeAcH", you're a cheater in Call of Duty.
TlOSgt. Pølse: /set aimheads
YrLSgt. Tiss: DAMNED DeAcH!
by Howie March 16, 2004