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3 definitions by David-Foodpimp

men on men anal penetration with no lube.
johnny asked drew what he wanted tonight, drew had a quick response he wanted the "swedish starfish" it hit all his right spots and rough him up a bit!
by David-Foodpimp May 29, 2008
4 7
"Deach" can be used as a noun,adverb, and pronoun.Deach can mean anything, use your imagination.
I am so deached off...
Quit deachin out....
Do you deach me?
Go Deach yourself!
by David-Foodpimp May 28, 2008
12 54
A woman with a submissive husband. This woman is dominant and has sex with other men while the husband the "cuck" watches and sometimes pays the other man.
Jane you are a cuckold. Paco you are a cuck.
by David-Foodpimp May 29, 2008
39 87