Verb: to fail at scoring a touchdown
On September 15, 2008, while playing the Dallas Cowboys, rookie Desean Jackson caught a long ball from Donovan McNabb and threw the ball away a few inches before going into the endzone. It threw away a potentail game winning touchdown. The Cowboys won the game.

To see the play, type in "MNF worst play from a rookie" on


Before December 12, 2010, this term would be a valid. However, on the date mentioned above, DeSean Jackson scored a touchdown in a very awkward way.

To see the play, type in "Desean Jackson falls into endzone " on
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 12, 2010
Top Definition
God's gift to wide receivers.
DeSean Jackson doesn't run, he spins the Earth with his feet.

Touchdown DeSean Jackson. <--- You'll hear that alot
by Holy Shit I Farted December 21, 2009
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