To engage in a sexual act with someone.

Compare to: "hit"
"you should dep that"
by Banana January 21, 2004
As a noun: the act of staying awake long into the night, well beyond the hours one's body is adapted to.

As a verb: to undertake such an action.

(From sleep deprivation; see also self-deprecation, depression)
"Wow, why's Mary look so out of it?"

"Oh, Mary depped all night studying for her biology final. Also, she's a crack addict."
by Chinju April 08, 2003
To be depressed; Slang term (Mostly used by popular highschool kids) as a shortened version of the word depressed
"Man, my uncle. died and I've been so dep lately."
by UnfortunatelyStraight June 14, 2015
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