A sound to explain a location of a friend, or to announce your arrival.
Person 1: "Dep!"
Anyone around replies: "Dep!"
And judging by the voice and number fo return "deps" you can judge who is around.
by Shfifty-five March 15, 2005
When something is cool beyond words, and all you can think to say is "dep".
Wow, that is so dep.
by Jennifer December 29, 2003
Short for Deputy Sheriff, used while locked up at the Fairfax County Jail in VA.
Dep when do I get released?
by thug dog November 07, 2006
Delayed Entry Program
a DEP member is some one who is in the millatry but is waiting to leave for there job
by ColdSthil March 16, 2006
A mixture of dope and epic. Also see depic.
That speech by Martin Luther King was dep.
by Eric Johannsen October 16, 2007
Drunken Emo Party
Dirty Emo Party

A house party that consists of mainly emo or emo-related youth culture.
Person 1: "Goin' to the DEP tonight?"
Person 2: "Yup, be there and square"
by Fetimo February 23, 2007
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