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Preety Much THE best movie ever made.
Dude..Dazed and Confused Rules!!!
by BiaBiaBONG July 21, 2005
A great cult movie. Those who like it, love it. A movie that brings viewers back to sone of the greatest times of their lives. The movie doesn't go anywhere and just kind of happens...but that's why it's genius. Matthew McConoughey's greatest performance.
I love high school girls....I get older but they keep staying the same age -Dazed and Confused
by Carlos June 16, 2006
One of the greatest films ever created. It's one of my favorite teen comedies. It doesn't necessarily have a plot, it's basically about the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The soon-to-be seniors are initiating the soon-to-be freshmen, a few friends are trying to get Aerosmith tickets, and everyone is trying to party or get stoned, drunk, or laid. Oh yeah, Dazed and Confused is definitely a cult classic, and a movie I could watch easily over a million times. Even though it's about the END of the school year, it's still fun to watch whenever. Oh, and Slater is my favorite character by far. The soundtrack is AWESOME as well, featuring songs by: Aerosmith, Foghat, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, War, ZZ Top, Peter Frampton, KISS, Steve Miller Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

This is, hands down, one of the greatest teen movies ever made. People who grew up in the 70's claim this movie captures the time perfectly, and this movie is definitely a must see. It'll make every young viewer wish they were there partying and having a good time, and every adult remember the good times they had during their teenage years. So, if you're looking for an entertaining flick to watch or want a flick that you AND your buddies will enjoy, check out "Dazed and Confused".
Dazed and Confused is a classic.
by SuperSonicX September 21, 2006
a good movie! its pretty much about kids that like violence sex and drugs....what a inspirational movie....
it has great music in it
by ME August 03, 2004
1.) A really funny movie about teenagers on the last day of school in the 70's.

2.) An amazing Led Zeppelin song.
Dazed and Confused the movie was written and directed by Richard Linklater. The song is by Led Zeppelin.
by tenaciousd6936 August 18, 2006
Pretty much the greatest movie of all time.
Mitch's mom: "Have you been drinking?"
Mitch: "No."
Mitch's mom: "Are you drunk?"
Mitch: "Pfft."

-Dazed and Confused
by Barky Funeral February 28, 2009
The best Led Zeppelin song next to Stairway to Heaven. This song has amazing drumming by John Bonham, a good bass performance by John Paul Jones, fantastic vocals by Robert Plant, and of course awesome guitar by the famous Jimmy Page. The song is nearly flawless and the lyrics are good too. The middle of the song totally changes pace and then it blends right back into the main song.
Been dazed and confused for so long its not true
by Matt F September 01, 2004
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