Mixed up in the head. Feeling similar to being punched in the temple about 4 times.
by larstait October 13, 2003
Top Definition
When someone is ignorant or not aware of something that they ought to know.
Just because a woman is fat does not make her booty attractive bro, you're dazed. Tbh I've seen some pretty fat ass chicks with some flat ass cheeks you nam sayin' !
by thEbX41 October 31, 2012
Tired asf
It's only 9:00 and I'm dazed
by Xveal December 14, 2015
Usually use to describe when a person is excited, shocked, confused, worn-out and/or having adrenaline rush.
#1: Did you saw the fight?
#2: Yea, I was there.
#1: I was about to record it, but I was so dazed out.
by 408maybe_baybee April 08, 2008
lightheaded, dull, confused, and/or worn out from drug use, especially cannabis, the day(s) before
Dude, I smoked weed last Tuesday. I had to play in this baseball game the day after, but I was so dazed I could barely catch the ball.
by bananananana October 14, 2007
to have a small instrument.
Girl: "You're Dazed!"
Marc: ":("
by kyle September 24, 2003
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