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Basically a rip-off. When a shop sells you something so ridiculously overpriced that they are basically stealing all your money.
Jack: I just got charged £90 for a hoodie in Abercrombie!

Will: Thats daylight robbery mate...
by TheEnglishGirl August 30, 2010
when someone member of team manages to fluke even the most shit goals to put your team 1 down in stoppage time... after what can only be described as the worst and most negative performance from an opposition team at Anfield for years.
Liverpool 0-1 Man United. 3rd March 2007

"Man Utd fluked another win after an extremely negative and poor perfomance... daylight robbery of Liverpool!... i wish i could defecate on Neville's face!"
by bignandosmullet March 03, 2007
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