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Something that is chill, comes from the slang for San Diego
Bro that party last night so was daygo
by socalryry June 20, 2011
Daygo: Slang term for "San Diego" and variant term to "Dago." Normally referred to in the context of San Diego's inner-city neighborhoods.
And dem Daygo niggaz know what's up.
by ShockG40 October 03, 2004
Derogatory word for Italian (see also: dago) early italian immigrants were forced to work in the coal mines and they would get paid cash-in-hand at the end of each day. . getting paid as the day goes they were called Day-gos.
Alright boss it's time to shut down, gotta go pay the "Day-go"
by LMFD013 March 14, 2011
that little piece of shit that hangs outta your ass that just wont come out!
Where ever you go, daygo !
by piggiewiggie May 05, 2010
a term that can be used to replace $30
Ben- Hey, how much money do you have?

Bob- Umm... a little more than a daygo.
by bdearman July 10, 2008
A degrading racial slurr that can be applied to both Mexicans, Italians and to a lesser extent, Latin Americans.
My god, Ty Rule is such a fucking daygo.
by Kyle Greene May 09, 2005
Someone who attends school in the daytime (eg. not a boarder)
by kipper November 01, 2003