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A girl who is very loud! But you still love her! She is sometimes funny. She sorta hates her life and isn't afraid to hang around with the guys. Loves necklaces and bracelets and lost a couple of her best friends...
Dayana will always be there for me!
by Ashley Rosling April 21, 2009
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Dayana is a variant of the old English name "Diana" which means "heavenly" or "divine" she was the goddess of the hunt, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and also of the moon in Roman mythology. In literature she was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis.

Dayana is also the scientific name of several very unique orchids such as Laelia dayana, Coelogyne dayana, and Pescatora dayana.

She is loyal, and helpful to her friends, family, and the ones she loves, but if do wrong to her she is not likely to forgive, she is fun outgoing and sweet, but she can be a really good mean bitch if you give her a reason.
Dayana is the friend you call to bail you out of jail!!! Damn Dayana is such a good friend!
by Alethea Philia June 20, 2010
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Dayana's mad Chill, Beautiful, always cares about her friends, ignores the haters, hates her life at most times, but always see's that a boy's tryna get with her. She's funny, and always takes care of nature and the world around her. She helps her friends in need, cute, and she loves flowers and animals. Now that's goals.
Guy 1: Who's that chick over there?
Guy 2: That's gotta be Dayana.
Guy 3: Damn.
by TheRealsRealz January 02, 2017
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A girl with big boobs and an ass. She has big beautiful eyes and she is small but so cute that you want to pick her up. Loves parties and is very sexy.
Guy 1: Whos that hot girl over there?

Guy 2: Thats gotta be a Dayana.

Gut 1: I sure want me some Dayana ;)
by hfdjghd;) September 12, 2009
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The name Dayana means a very pretty *beautiful* girl . She could be the best friend you ever had but if you mess with her it could go wrong. She sorta hates her life. But many boys are always after her because she's very beautiful. She's the kind of friend that well never be a fake friend. Dayana is very loud and isn't afraid of facing the haters.She's a bad girl and don't give a fuck about anything.
Who's that beautiful girl over there it must be a Dayana.
via giphy
by Katie De Leon October 21, 2016
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They value their freedom and independence more than the average person. They are natural open-minded explorers who want to engage in raw and meaningful experiences, as opposed to living life through a 9 - 5 desk job. They aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zones and take risks! A woman like her is independent, sweet, sexy, caring, loyal to the people that love her and she respects herself unconditionally. For her, life’s just too short to waste on petty fights over half-hearted relationships. She has better things to do. She is an amazing friend, fun, loving and if your lucky to be loved by her you will never find so much passion and devotion. She is a best friend and a beautiful soul.
Dayana looks beautiful today.
by Adayinmylife January 21, 2017
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A girl who has strange and obsessive eating habits. Like "OMG! I wouldn't ever eat that!" And then you find her in the corner the next day inhaling it. Loves men with scented chest patches of hair. She is either a total bitch or a saint. She dances like she designed the choreography for Barney. You could assume she has Turretts syndrom with her random spurs of speach. On a positive note, she laughs at every single joke. She highly obsesses over Jewish boys and sexually transmitted diseases. Sounds like a Dayana to me!
Dayana:(scratch, scratch) mmm Jon your chest patch smells amazing. Can I brush it for you?"
by Wooby doo July 30, 2009
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