A religion, a personal relationship with the messiah "Dave".
Davists believe that Dave is the messiah and that everyone is a Dave at heart because Dave exists within all of us. Dave is the truth, Dave is the light and the way. Dave is in all of us and thus all of us can be part of Dave.

Davism began long ago around the time of Bob. Bob, son of Arthur, brother of Bill, Father of Keith, was a soup maker who had long searched for his true self. He trekked the Himalayas, surfed the Great Amoeba and sailed the Chumbawumba, for 20 years he did these things. Then one day, sometime in March, he was eating soup in the Forest of Twee. He placed upon his head a tea towel to stop the little flies from bothering him and he held up his soup spoon and behold the face of Dave appeared unto him and spoketh the first words of Davol which is the first book of Dave. The Davol is a book of mainly pictures but there are some words and they are quite important. "Give unto me thy soup spoon and thy peg for i will show ye thee way!" Spoketh Thee Dave Bob was afraid, He put down his soup spoon and with his voice all a quivver said "Who goes there, oh face in my spoon?" To which Dave replied "I am Dave, you are Bob but i am Dave. Join me and become Dave Bob, I am the truth, I am the soup maker, follow me with thy spoon and i will show ye thee way." And so he did. Of course the people thought Bob was completely mad at first but after some well thought out promotion and free soup givaways people began to catch on to Davism and after about seven months or so everyone wanted to be part of Dave.

There are beings all over the universe that continue to follow Davism. The Order of Dave is ever growing and Dave is truely alive to all who believe in his soup.
by Brother Dave Andrew July 16, 2006
Top Definition
To say something seemingly wise in the heat of passion, but when thought over after the fact, the saying makes absolutely no sense what. so. ever.
Davism: Will you guys shut up, I'm trying to use the environment to my angle!

Davism: I didn't read the book, I read it with my eyes, as in, the movie.

Davism: I have allll the infinite ammo in the world!

Davism: *show man boobs in voracious excitement/angst/anger*

Davism: Phillipinos didn't exist until last year. After all, all they are are just Puerto Ricans mixed with Chinese people. They're hybrids, created by the commies, 'cause they can assimilate to any culture!!

Davism: If I know it, that means that you know it too, because everyone knows what I know because I'm the one knowing it.
by DarthMethodist January 13, 2007
To be in such a bad way that you liberally repeat yourself in the same sentence with use of unnecessary words. To regularly and foolishly tautologise.
"I'm going to give you the backhand of my hand"

"We went for a food meal"

"I was on a work do with work people"

All are great Davisms, used by Dave.
by Jimeny December 27, 2013
A religious affiliation of Battle.net, following the path of Denial@USEast. According to followers of Davism, it is said that their prophet, Denial, will lead Fallen Arms to certain death. Denial is known to some as "The Bot Protector" and possesses abilities to perform certain tasks that may seem impossible for an average Battle.netzian to accomplish. It is often said that once in a blue moon, Denial will return from being AFK and make a few comments before idling.
Annwyn: Denial, you seem to consider yourself as some martyr.

RighteousNuts: Stfu trick, he is our prophet.

Goodmanner: We follow the path of Davism in Op W@R and on Battle.net. Denial leads us to certain death...
by Goodmanner October 07, 2007
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