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1 definition by Goodmanner

A religious affiliation of Battle.net, following the path of Denial@USEast. According to followers of Davism, it is said that their prophet, Denial, will lead Fallen Arms to certain death. Denial is known to some as "The Bot Protector" and possesses abilities to perform certain tasks that may seem impossible for an average Battle.netzian to accomplish. It is often said that once in a blue moon, Denial will return from being AFK and make a few comments before idling.
Annwyn: Denial, you seem to consider yourself as some martyr.

RighteousNuts: Stfu trick, he is our prophet.

Goodmanner: We follow the path of Davism in Op W@R and on Battle.net. Denial leads us to certain death...
by Goodmanner October 07, 2007
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