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Pretty much the hottest guy in the world. Amazing voice, incredible face. Beautiful eyes. David Schmitt IS SEX. He is the lead singer of Breathe Carolina, pretty much the most incredible thing ever created.
GIRL: oh god, david schmitt is so hot. i would totally dump you for him.
GUY: not if i do it first.
GIRL: *gasp*
by BCloverr August 03, 2010
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David Schmitt is the lead vocalist of Breathe Carolina. He's probably the sexiest thing to even walk the planet. His voice, hair, eyes, everything about David is god. Not to mention he's extremely funny and irresistible. David can kill you with his hot amazing powers.
Girl1: Daviesaur I choose you!

*David Schmitt emerges from Pokeball*
Girl2: "oh no!"
Girl1: Daviesaur use sexiness!

* opponent is defeated*
by Grrowel145 February 19, 2013
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