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A mercurial figure that has been seen singing and driving K.I.T.T. He is reputed to have supernatural powers and to have sold his soul to the devil. Future German Chancellor.
Ich ging zur Bierhalle und ich sah, daß David Hasselhoff Tragen auf der Hauptstraße lederhosen, also ich nach Hause ging und berührte mich. Deutschliebe David Hasselhoff.
by Teflon February 25, 2006
Some guy we Germans are supposed to adore for some reason.
German guy 1: Hey, did you see David Hasselhoff last night on TV with that strange black talking car?
German guy 2: David who?
by MasterJoe August 21, 2006
Also called "the hoff"

David Hasselhoff the famous acter from "Baywatch" (as mitch) and "Night Rider"

I also had a music carrier and made some songs like "looking for freedom" and "Do the limbo dance"

Germans are crazy about him
-i was in Berlin last year

- aight, what did you do?

- i saw "the hoff" live

- David hasselhoff huh? man your fucking gay
by resume October 20, 2005
The most gay straight man ever lived. Made famous from the series Baywatch. David Hasselhoff altso has his own CD.
Dude1: Have you seen Baywatch?
Dude2: Yeah, what about it?
Dude1: OMGWTFBBQ David Hasselhoff is SOOOOO gay
Dude5: He sure is *drool*
by Freakling June 14, 2005
An actor who thinks he is hot because he was on "Baywatch", way back with Pamela Anderson. Who is hawt.

NOTE: David Hasselhoff would not be seen with Gumby. Ever. Maybee Pokey, but never Gumby.
Robbie: WOAH! its david hasselhoff!

Dick: wow, wahhta tool.

Pam: shut up, he was on Baywatch.!
by App2daSauce February 05, 2009
when one flush isn't enough to dispose of that solid waste, and a "double flusher" has to be used. This technique of waste shifting is known as a David Hasselhoff
"Dale mate, that was a good quality dump, it required a David Hasselhoff to shift it"
by Rupert Foningzby Maguire August 01, 2008
Germany's Unsuccessful Attempt To Make Their Own "Chuck Norris". he turned out to be a drunk asshole. his one claim to fame was being on the show Baywatch.
Dude 1: Who is that random guy in the Spongbob Movie?
Dude 2: David Hasselhoff.
Dude 1: Who's That?
Dude 2: A Fankenstein Like Creature The Germans Created, Thinking They Could Match The Great Chuck Norris.
Dude 1: Wow The Germans Fail.
by 3camman November 26, 2010
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