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Also called "the hoff"

David Hasselhoff the famous acter from "Baywatch" (as mitch) and "Night Rider"

I also had a music carrier and made some songs like "looking for freedom" and "Do the limbo dance"

Germans are crazy about him
-i was in Berlin last year

- aight, what did you do?

- i saw "the hoff" live

- David hasselhoff huh? man your fucking gay
by resume October 20, 2005
a B-actor is an actor hired to act in B-movies. B-actors are generally less well-known but not necessarily less talented than top actors. Many famous movie stars began their careers as B-movie actors, such as John Wayne. Others, such as Bruce Campbell, who incorporated the term into the title of his auto-biography, have embraced it
-i just love kevin costner

-how can you possible love that B-actor?!
by resume October 20, 2005
when your about to kill an enemy and another player comes and kill the enemy you where about to kill.

( frag )
-hey he was mine you fucking fragstealer!
by resume May 22, 2005
A made up language by Astrid Lindgren the famous writer from sweden.
anyway the grama i simple: you put an "O" between every consonant and the vocals are the same so for an example if you want to write or say
"mate" it becomes "momatote" , the "M" becomes a MoM, and the "T" becomes a "ToT" and so on.
-you know what lol is on the robberlanguage?
by resume December 03, 2005
the word was born in a swedish english lesson when a student tried to spell harsh for his teacher.
h-a-r no i mean a-r-a no no i mean r-a-r-a-sh.
and on the white board a minute later the word "harararash" was written.


when you cant come up with a word or spell it, and after tried and faild a couple of times you just say "harararash" and things gets back to normal.
- do you know where i can find the prencibles-office no the princeples-office, no i mean the p-prencibells office. ah nevermind
by resume September 19, 2005
1912 is the year titanic sunk
(somewhere on the atlantic ocean, the year is 1912 and a big ship called titanic is on its way to great britain... or was it america, anyway)

- oh look a little iceberg:)
- how cute lets run over it!
(bom crash bom bom)
- aaaaaaaaaaah we all gonna die!
by resume January 12, 2006
bushido a german hiphop artist
how can you listen to bushido? germans can´t rap you know
by resume June 26, 2005

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