1. (noun) A guy that you will totally fall for. Just the sight of him would make a girl excited and lustfully dreaming about being in bed with him. The guy that you can always hope to be yours but never will be because he will only fall in love with the best girl around. You are lucky if he ever fall in love with you.
That Daven sure is awesome.

I want that Daven.
by Dabentot May 04, 2011
A beautiful girl who most guys fall for. She's really pretty and good at sports. You'll be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. She never backstabs her friends or treats them bad. She's always there for them. Most guys think she's amazing and she's just all around perfect.
Dang, that girl's name must be Daven!
by TGOD<3 June 05, 2011
a sassy girl with amazing curly/frizzy hair and a love for food (any food)
you know that girl on wattpad? yeah she's totally a daven.
by clara vandeviere June 15, 2013
Where a person sits extremely close to another person with no room in between them and there is plenty of other room elsewhere.
"Tyler Meng, are you gay, stop pulling a daven and sit somewhere else."
by bookerT October 27, 2007
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