To lose one's cool or to flip out ala Dave from Alvin and The Chipmunks. To go ballastic.
When my Boss saw what I did he totally Daved on me.

And thats when I snapped, I totally Daved on this guy for no reason at all.

by QECrossley March 23, 2008
Top Definition
to have succumb to the powers of Dave rendering a girl unable to resist the urge to go home with him (or back to her place).
*morning after*
Girl: "wow I totally got daved last night"
Dave: "you sure as hell did"

friend 1: "how many girls can honestly get daved in one night?"
friend 2: "from just one dave? about 3 to 4."
by January 23, 2009
(Adjective) A synonym of the word pwned but applied specifically to the exploitation of security weaknesses on a server due to misconfiguration. Pwnage (and thus daveage) describes a sudden, decisive and humiliating defeat of server security.
Double check your firewall settings before putting that machine on the internet. The last thing you want is to get Daved!
by Ynngwie J Malmsteen March 16, 2011

Getting so hammered that you end up flailing about on the floor and lose the ability to speak.
Dude, what happened last night???

Dude, you were so Daved that you ended up passing out under the kitchen table after shouting about how the gypsies were going to get you
by Little Gypsy June 14, 2010
1. Showing superiority to another person, usually in a way that humiliates them.

2. Total and undeniable dominance of a person, group of people or situation.

3. To get beat down physically or verbally by someone.

See Robsoned
Examples of being "Daved"

Falling over leaving you in pain.

Get facialed by your boyfriend.

Getting Bitten by a Shark.

Getting hammered in bed leaving you unable to walk, talk or breathe.
by Weevil Maker October 01, 2007
A form of the word Dave, it means to be pussy whipped, and your girlfriends bitch, even though you aren't even engaged.
You are so fucking Daved
by vshankthetank December 08, 2010
Drunk, pissed, sozzled, wankered or otherwise intoxicated as a result of alcohol
I schwear to God, I've neffer been scho daved in my entire liffe!
by Crazy Frog August 25, 2006
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