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1. a fat joint that just begs to be smoked.
Hey man want to quaff a fat daub after class?
by jaysbob April 14, 2010
To wipe the glans of your penis on somebody's, preferably metal, door handle. Best performed in university halls of residence or similar building housing many people.
"She ate his courgette cakes again. He warned her after the last time that she was cruising for a daubing."
by o s c a r October 17, 2007
Also known as or refered to as "Sweet Daub"

v. The act of gently patting your butt with toliet paper instead of wiping because it is so sore from wiping in spite of the fact that you have a really high tolerance for pain.
Example 1:

I have had the shits all day my ass is so sore that I cant wipe any more, all I can do is Daub it.

Example 2:

Person 1:I have been puking out of my choclate starfish all week long, its practically bleeding so bad I cant even wipe anymore.

Person 2:Dude Ive been in the situation before all you need to do is Sweet Daub that shit.

Example 3:

Could be used for hemrhoids as well. In the event of hemrhoid inflamation secure a Medicated Pad and Daub the inflamed area Sweetly.
by Avenger87 December 03, 2010
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