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Basiclly it's an american car thats very fast. usually mistaken by absolute retards in regards to the actual definition which is a zucchini.
"Courgette,Ooo that's a car init."
"Actually, it's a zucchini dear."
#car #rosy #courgette #retard #corvette
by Sean Boult August 28, 2007
An aspiring cougar. A woman not old enough to be a cougar, but old enough that she shouldn't be out there. A woman on the cusp of being a cougar.
What's this Courgette doing on the dance floor?
#courgette #cougar #milf #cougarette #zuccini
by JDida September 23, 2010
Young cougar, generally speaking a cougar is an older woman who enjoys the pleasures and company of younger men. These women are usually previously married and financially secure and looking for "pool boys" to service their non existent pools. A cougaette is a woman who enjoys the same young men but may not be as financially secure as a cougar.
Hey bruh, look at Nate he snagged himself a cougar.

Nah man she older but not financially, she is a cougar in training.... a courgette
#cougar #sugar mama #milf #urban cougar #cougar hunter
by Cedric Wright November 18, 2010
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