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The coolest moderator on Neoseeker.
DarkLink banned that n00b for twenty days.
by DL September 02, 2004

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The XII King of Sparta from the game Cybernations. Leading the Alliance through multiple Great Wars, with the most recent being the Karma war. Known for his diplomatic tact, as well as being the calm headed and moderate leader in comparison to his companion, Tulak.
Darklink is such a badass, I'm glad he's kept us safe over the last few years.
by CNAdmin October 03, 2009
a troll who enjoys telling children to fuck off, and them proceding to badmouth the people that banned him for it on another forum, where he's pretending to be a moderator.

simplified version: twat.
"wat a retard.you seem really nice" talking about himself using another name
by Cheese February 08, 2004
art stealing, spamming, tennage weirdo
spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

by krawkat February 08, 2004