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A overgrown 13 year old that dosn't know when to shut up. He's jewish but says he's polish
I can't believe that darek when to his barmitsfa so late
by JEW April 22, 2004
43 65
A meaning for a good looking polish man
"that guy is a bit of a Darek"
by Dzr99 March 23, 2009
55 27
A funny man when drunk. Usually tends to throw over the top compliments and forget everything in the morning.
Friend: You said i was beautiful last night
Friend2: Shit man, i was well dareked.
by Rhymeyariver March 23, 2009
43 19
1)A Polish assclown.
2)Very Racist.
3)Prone to Niggerbeats.
4)A pathetic thief.
Uh oh... Darek is running from the Black people again, must have stolen some Yu-Gi-Oh cards...
by Smart_People August 20, 2003
56 65