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A funny man when drunk. Usually tends to throw over the top compliments and forget everything in the morning.
Friend: You said i was beautiful last night
Friend2: Shit man, i was well dareked.
by Rhymeyariver March 23, 2009
A meaning for a good looking polish man
"that guy is a bit of a Darek"
by Dzr99 March 23, 2009
1)A Polish assclown.
2)Very Racist.
3)Prone to Niggerbeats.
4)A pathetic thief.
Uh oh... Darek is running from the Black people again, must have stolen some Yu-Gi-Oh cards...
by Smart_People August 20, 2003
A overgrown 13 year old that dosn't know when to shut up. He's jewish but says he's polish
I can't believe that darek when to his barmitsfa so late
by JEW April 22, 2004